Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My hopes are high

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A dual narrative(Before and now) depicting the dream to become an successful Illustrator,
the story is losely based on myself, andmy interests.

Opinions on Contraception

Supporting Contraception

Against Contraception

Project about contraception, where I had to illustrate why we should
have contraception, and why we shouldnt have it. The illustrations was meant to
be on each side of the same page in a magazine. (University Project)

Dark Market Project via Kingston University

This work is from a summer project leading up to my current third year.
Project was called "Dark Market", and was based on a book describing internett fraud, and identity theft which is a globally growing problem.

Starting up

Starting up my art blog, but it will probably be a bit messy in the start.
As I am in the middle of dissertation I will have to wait with regular art updates, but
for now I will just post some of my work from my third year at Kingston University -
Illustration & Animation.